Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yes, it is August and I have not gone anywhere. I got my gallbladder out and that had put me way behind schedule. While, thankfully, my online earning are going through the roof, I bet you are still searching to get to your steady income or increase what you are already making online.

Although I'm down in the dumps waiting on my body to heal, I'm still writing mainly for Helium. Ehow was my biggest and top project for last year. Sadly ehow is no longer taking article, you now have to writer for demand studios; this is another story all together. Anyhow, I spent all last year working on ehow articles, now ehow is still earning for me. Matter of fact I just made $200 last month from ehow from my articles. Not bad for not doing anything but chat on ehow for the last few months. I hoping to see the same results with helium by this time next year. There is already one huge difference with helium. You have to keep up at least one rating star to get paid, while ehow allows me to do nothing to continue to get paid. This is a downfall, but Helium has more titles and debates.

Debates are great! You simply write your opinion in at least 400 words and you make money. Not bad for allow yourself be heard on what your feel. Today there was a debate on wrote on about "page views or upfront payments" for articles. I wrote on liking page views more; which I have also written about on here as well. Since I already have a strong opinion on which way I like to be paid, the article was very easy to write. Here is a link to the article if you like to see it.

There are many more channels on helium as well such as creative writing, which includes poetry and song writing. Poetry articles are only 12 words long. As long as you keep your other stars up; you can get paid for poetry.

Another nice thing about Helium is there is no worry about getting to the title first. After a title is posted, everyone can write under that titles. The articles are rated by users and put in order. It feel great when you see you have written an article that is number 1 out of 300 people. (It shows you may know what you are doing after all.)

I'm still working on healing and feeling exhausted, but I keep writing on Helium as well. So far I'm up to almost eight dollars a month. It doesn't sound like much but ehow started with just a dollar a month and now makes $200 a month...sounds like Helium is worth the hard work.

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