Monday, February 11, 2013

Online Writing

One of the best ways I have found to make money online is by writing online.  I have a blog listing just the writing site. It has turned into more of a directory for me. I often look there to check sites I haven't been on in a while.

These are the listing pulled from that site that I use the most:

fireHOW is a newer site to write "How to" articles. Once you join their WPP plan they pay per month for earning over $10.

Helium articles need to be at least 400 words long. You can earn money up front for writing a contract articles on predetermined article titles. You also earn money from rating articles and contests. Helium will pay through Paypal when your earnings reach $25. They also have a market place where you an earning amazing amounts by getting a freelance article. $12 to $280 per article on just the first page!

Those two listings are my favorites. Looking over the writing site, I see some changes that need to be made as things have changed since I have made that list. However it still a great place to start and I'll be making changes to it soon. It take a lot of time to check all the sites and changes. Now when I used to be able to do my day job and write online I had a lot more time and made more money. Now that my day job is more time consuiming, and pays much better, I haven't had as much time as I should and there for made less. Most importantly I'm still making money online.

When I took my new job, Ehow was the best online writing site. However they felt it was time to move on and had writer either remove their article or bought our articles. I sold out. I had to remake my library all over again without using anything from what I sold. I still find that hard to do as some of those articles where my heart pouring out on the page. It was a nice payout and just what my family needed for me to make the job change.

Still today many people are amazed to find that I'm a writer. I'm not the best speller and I'm sure grammar experts will go crazy with my articles, but I enjoy writing. Writing online has done a lot more then make me money. I learn a little more when I write and when someone points out an embarssing mistake. I have also made many online friends, some I have come to care for very much. For me the friendship is priceless.

Earning money online is possible and it doesn't need to cost you anything but time. Anyone can learn to write online. All you need to do is try. Fellow writers are often happy to help. Spell check and grammar checks are easily found all over the web. People can write about almost anything. I figure this is my kind of retirement plan. If I keep writing I should have thousands of good articles and I can even writing more when I'm retired and hopefully sitting on the porch in the sunlight.

Note a good grammar checker is


Auctions for free stuff at Listia.comAuctions for free stuff at  Listia is an interest auction site that says you can get stuff for free. Now I've tried this for a while, as I didn't beleave it. Listia use points, points are used to bid on items, many items have free shipping. Points can be bought or earned. I currently have 4000 and haven't spent anything. I have already received a WII game and controler.

The site is nice overall, I could see room for small improvements which I think will come in time. However I can see Listia being a great way to get free items which can be kept or sold. Listia also doesn't cost to list items, so you can sell unwanted items for points and use the points for more items. There are new items all the time and everyday I see more users.

Overall there is nothing to lose to give the site a try. Points can be earned by sharing auctions, visting the page, filling out surveys, watching movies, or even completing an offer. If you see something you really want, points can be bought so you can get the item without having to wait to earn points.