Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Weebly is an interesting site I just learned about where you can make your own website and/or blog for free. Now I know we make blogs here on blogger, but weebly can make a whole site; meaning a lot more options. This may be the perfect place to not only promote your writing but set up a store as well where you can sell your writing or maybe a friends writing; like ebooks.

Another way to use weebly or blogger beside promotion to make make a blog or website based on one subject. Just like this blog is dedicated to making money online. Making money online is really a fun job that takes lots of work and dedication to really make a nice income.

Don't forget to set up an "about me" page somewhere. It place where you can send potential clients (or readers who want to know more) to learn more about you as well as seeing links to your accomplishments as an online writer as well.

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