Monday, February 11, 2013


Auctions for free stuff at Listia.comAuctions for free stuff at  Listia is an interest auction site that says you can get stuff for free. Now I've tried this for a while, as I didn't beleave it. Listia use points, points are used to bid on items, many items have free shipping. Points can be bought or earned. I currently have 4000 and haven't spent anything. I have already received a WII game and controler.

The site is nice overall, I could see room for small improvements which I think will come in time. However I can see Listia being a great way to get free items which can be kept or sold. Listia also doesn't cost to list items, so you can sell unwanted items for points and use the points for more items. There are new items all the time and everyday I see more users.

Overall there is nothing to lose to give the site a try. Points can be earned by sharing auctions, visting the page, filling out surveys, watching movies, or even completing an offer. If you see something you really want, points can be bought so you can get the item without having to wait to earn points.

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