Friday, July 2, 2010

June 2010 Earnings

I'm not here to brag about my earnings, just here to show proof that you can make real money online.

OK here what I have so far for my June earning

Triond, not a big one but not much on here yet : $0.54 Plus Google Adense integration $1.20
Ehow, from article written before the big switch to demand studios: $149.62 USD
Firehow: ?? site currently down
Helium: $8.85

These are my main earners. Now depending on which one is getting more attention that month will earn more.. Except for ehow, I put all my time and energy into is from last winter. Now they only except article through demand studios, which I got approved for but haven't used yet. ehow did start off as pennies a month and took almost a year 197 articles and lots of promoting to become what it is now.

Firehow is about $2 -$3 and goes up if I spend a good amount of time promoting articles. Helium I have made $25 payout twice now; this is a good site, but require constant work to keep star ratings up.

Triond is become very interesting with the google adsense integration.. I have not really put much effort into this site yet, but will have to soon.

I don't have much time to write in the summer do to the kids being home and wanting to go to out to play and work is very busy so I don't have time to write there either.. the winter is the big time for writing for me and the payout can be seen in the summer like in the example of ehow. If you are a good writer and have time to write you can do even better then I have so far.

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