Monday, July 19, 2010


Redgage has become a very nice site to promote articles on. Not only am I promoting my online article and web pages I'm also making money off them as well. I've been giving redgage a try. Although I haven't had much time due to sickness with my gallbladder (hopefully be scheduled to be out soon) but I've still been able to make some extra change from redgage plus the sites I promoted with redgage also had an increase in traffic; meaning I'm making even more on the promoted sites.

Redgage does have a few current draw backs. The site can be slow to load and sometime the posting on the site is not working. As long as you can deal with these small problem, which the site is working on, its a great way to make some extra changed and promote your link as well.

If you take pictures you can also make money from the pictures with Redgage. Simply upload your picture and you'll get paid based upon the traffic viewing the pictures. Great way to share pictures and make more money.

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