Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just found out about mylikes.It a simple site to use. You find sponsor links that you like and share them. Money is then made from people clicking on them. You can't tell people to click on them, so you only make money if people are really interested in the post. The post can be on twitter, facebook, youtube, blogger, posterous, thumblr, or wordpress. The amount paid chances per add and how many followers a person has.

Payment goes into paypal weekly on Friday's when the account is $2.00 or more. Best of all there is no copying and pasting as with some site. Simple click like and choose what time you would like the post to be posted. One of the simplest way to make money online.

Keeping a good group of followers will require much more than sponsor links. Followers are going to wait to see something fun or interesting as well. For me I share everything I post in my writing world. Hopefully the followers find something interesting that way.

Check out mylikes and see what you think

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