Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Seekyt is longer a bookmarking site. It is now a writing site. OK, another writing site. But seekyt does have some benefits that no other writing site that I know of offers. Not only does seekyt help us make money with our google adsense account but also with Amazon Associate account. Amazon Associate account is free and easy to sign up for. The admin at seekyt is very nice and very help for any question setting up accounts.

You can publish articles of just about anything of interest. So far I have earned nicely with the google adsense, and looking forward to see how adding in Amazon Associate is going to work.. but every penny is nice.

I just posted an article about "What to do When the Internet or Site goes down". This was wrote because I had my whole day planned around a certain site, but the site wasn't working. Well I wrote that article instead and then cleaned my office and called it a day. The article has earned some.. not bad for just rambling about my problem for the day.

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