Thursday, June 3, 2010


So far I talked a lot about online writing, but that is only one way to make real online money. With affiliates you can make money by selling. This is a great way to recommend product and get commission when someone clicks and buys from that link. This can be done on a blog or website and can be often done 100% free, no upfront costs at all.

The hardest part of working with affiliates is:

#1 Getting Traffic - Can't make any money without buyers

#2 Providing Quality product at best price - buyer won't buy unless it is a good deal

#3 Detailed information - each product is going to need good information or feedback to help attract buyers.

Give it a try, after all there is nothing to loose except a little time. If you don't make anything, you learn OR it could become your 2nd job income.

Many sites like Walmart or Amazon also have affiliate programs. Often found on the bottom of the page. Amazon is easy to get into, while Walmart is for professionals with high traffic sites.

There are many many affiliate programs, but I have not tried them.. just not enough time in the day to try them all; Yet. I do know a lot of fellow freelancers who also make additional money with affiliates. Bloggers often will add in affiliate links when talking about a certain product that goes with their blog or blog post.However I find a lot of information about affiliate programs on Affiliate Scout.

Affiliate Programs

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