Thursday, June 10, 2010

Send Earnings

Send earning is one of those get paid to read emails sites. The truth is you get paid just a little over two cents per email read. Why do I still do it? Because it is so easy. It takes just a few seconds each day to click on the email, see the link and close the page. A few times I have found useful sites as well.

Do they real pay? Yes. My Total Current Earnings: $18.85
When the account reaches $30.00 I request another check. It does take a very long time to reach $30.00 with reading emails at around two cents each.

There are 3 other great ways to make money with send earnings:
  1. Take Surveys - I have been making about fifty cents per survey.
  2. Shop Online - Get money back from online shopping
  3. Play Games - Given some free money, you can play games to win more.
By no means is this a fast way or will it ever amount to your yearly income, but every penny counts. Send Earning also pays you for a percentage of your referrals. (Be careful of referring people without trying it)
Although Send Earnings is not the most money to be made online it is one of the easiest. Absolutely no skills required and doesn't take much time at all.

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