Friday, June 11, 2010

Firehow or eHow, which is the better site?

Firehow VS eHow

Firehow is newer, less then a few years old, company with lots of room of good article. eHow has been around over ten years and have lots of article on the same subject but with different titles. eHow is owned by Demand Studios while Firehow is owned by Paul Mclalin.

They both accept "how to" type articles. "How to" is an article with steps showing people how to accomplish something. Through sharing your knowledge on how to do things you can earn money from the ads placed on and in your articles.

Both pay on a secret scale to help prevent cheating the system. In a mix of ad revenue and many other factors you get paid for your articles each month. Personally, as I've said before, I prefer ad revenue over flat fee payouts. Some articles eventually make hundreds of dollar, yet some only make a few dollars, but it is worth the gamble for the big payouts.

Neither of these, unless you are very lucky, is going to get you rich quick. Earning will start off as exciting little pennies, to dollars, and hopefully to hundreds of dollars each month. On eHow there are many members who make $1000 a month club; very lucky writers who have written many articles. Both start off as a lot of work; lots of promoting and writing, but then you can take a brake when the earning starts to get high. Currently I make $100 per month on eHow and I have not written or promoted in a few months. I do have almost 200 article however.

So what makes using Firehow or eHow better then making your own web page?

There is a nice library of articles already set up with other users promoting their articles to get traffic to their articles. The traffic may look around some more and stumble upon your article. Plus these sites are already getting traffic to their home pages, making it more likely to get traffic to your articles. Having friends on these sites also help as friends often help with advise and even promoting articles.

Overall, you will most likely earn more from putting your articles on their sites instead of making your very own. You can still make money off your own site, but it is harder work to get consistent traffic, high ranking into the search engines, and a library large enough to keep everyone interested.

Which site is better?

eHow pays is better then Firehow. eHow is larger and been around longer. With Firehow you have to work hard to do your own promotion to get traffic but they except almost any "how to" article. eHow makes writers publish through Demand Studios, which excepts established writing that can show samples of their work.


  • Is better only because of the current higher pay.
  • Has a high ranking on the search engines.
  • Requires less promoting time.
  • Has a consistent daily traffic going to their site.
  • Has a forum where you can talk to other writers.
  • Also has flat fee pay for articles for those who don't want to wait.

  • You have to be an established freelancer with samples to get approved to write through Demand Studios.
  • Already has a very large library, many titles are already.
  • Have to wait for article to be approved before they are published.

  • Smaller library with more titles that are yet needed to be written.
  • Just starting but growing very fast.
  • Immediate publishing, no waiting to have an article approved.
  • Great place for all writers, including beginners.
  • Are quick to respond to questions or problems.

  • Is a smaller and newer company so pay may be lower compared to others sites.
  • Will need to spend some time promoting articles for a good payout.

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  1. Thanks for the comparison. I've used eHow, but not Firehow, because of eHow's trusted name. Plus, I've seen way more spamming about Firehow than eHow. I'm sure they're both reputable, good sources though.


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