Sunday, June 6, 2010

Few More Writing sites

Today I'm checking out some more online sites. It is getting to the busy season with summer coming up, so many of these sites will be save for the winter before trying.

GroundReport: is about news. They are look for reports. The best reports end up on their front page. If you are really good at news report you could become part of the GroundReport' Contributor to get immediate publication. If your a big into local events and/or what going around, this may be a good site for you. Pay is monthly to paypal.

Academia-Research: "dedicated to professional research and writing" This site pays twice a month on the 10th and 25th to "ACH, GBP Bacs, PayPal, E-gold, Wire Transfer, or Remote Cheque." The site gives you a test essay as part of the application. They give you a few days to complete the essay, if you pass you'll be allowed to write for them. After approved you get to choose jobs or tasks to complete. Pay is received as long as the assignments are professional without errora and comply with the directions; the do give an option to fix tasks as well.

vdwriters: A site that pay you to write resumes. Many people stuggle with writing their own resume so they pay people to write the resume for them. They pay once a month through "e-gold, paypal and wire transfer electronic systems".

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