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Zazzle VS Cafepress

Are you into Art? If you can draw either by hand or on the computer, then there is some money to be found from your artwork. Taking pictures and/or editing graphics* is a great way to make new art. So, how do you make money with art? and are two good sites to start out with. You can submit your original artwork and place it on products. Then when the product with your artworks sells you make money. You can create your own store and promote your own items for sell.

What are the differences between Zazzle and Cafepress?

I started a search for teacup cat mugs on both site. A teacup cat is a cat that stay kitten size it entire life, very cute.

Here is the link if you wanted to see my results:

Cafepress had the only one teacup cat which can be found here if you would like to see it as well:,70497114

Now just by comparing this two pages here are some good points I see:


More professional looking art that is very eye catching. (Except the actual teacup cat I found on cafepress.)

Zazzle prices seem to be cheaper starting at $13.95 and going up. Which as a user I know if from the requested profit margin by the artist. While cafepress mugs where all $15 for the small and $18 for the large.


Prices on cafepress are listed right next to the search picture. There is no need for an extra click like on zazzle to find the prices of items.

Search engine for this site took me right to what I wanted. On zazzle I had to adjust and narrow the search down.

Same pricing didn't change between artist. The mugs were all $15 for the small and $18 for the large.

Reviews from users:


Diane Cass:

“1. Free many as you want!!!
2. Quality Products
3. They stand behind their products...even if the 30 day return period is over, they will still offer a refund or exchange if there is something wrong with the if the image fades on a mug after dishwashing it. It's not supposed to do that, so they honor their quality guarantee.
4. Affiliate program. 15% for affiliate sales on your own or other peoples products. 5. Volume Bonus - the more you sell the better you earn! It really ads up.”


“I love Zazzle. Diane introduced me to it with a post she made last year. :) Thanks, Diane. I made a Cafe Press store, too and I do NOT like it at all. I never made any sales and it was just... not as good. is my store. I love Zazzle :) !!!”


“I first started out with CafePress many years ago.  I still have stuff up on CafePress, but it's still kind of hard to compare the two since I've done so little with CafePress over the past couple years. But my general impression is that I have sold more in the same amount of time with less promotion (practically none) at Zazzle than I did with CafePress. Of course, I also made a lot more products on Zazzle than I did with CafePress (because it's so much easier to do at Zazzle than it is with CafePress) so I'm sure that contributes more to my sales as well.

I love that with Zazzle you can let the customers customize the products you made because that can lead to more sales. I love that with Zazzle you can position the text or images almost anywhere you want to. With CafePress if you wanted to move the image just a little bit more up or down you'd have to add "white space" to the image in your image editing program.

With CafePress if you go with their free route you can create many free store's and you can only have one of each kind of product for each store. So basically you end up creating a single store for every new image you make. And then you have to promote several stores instead of just one. Or you can pay to have a store in which you can then have several images on the exact same kind of t-shirt. (I hope I am making sense.) But with Zazzle I can create just one store and have as many images on the exact same product as I want. So you can just promote the one shop, which is easier. You can also have more than one store if you like, which can be good if you are creating products for very different markets that would look wierd in the same shop together.

Anyway, I just am liking Zazzle better. Although there are things I like about CafePress too. And they have some products that Zazzle just doesn't have (and vice versa).

I want to try putting some of my images on both Zazzle and CafePress and see how they do. I've done this only with one image, and surprisingly I've sold 4 on CafePress and none on Zazzle. But it's taken a year's time to sell all four of those.

My main shop at zazzle is*”

Sorry to report, I don't have any feedback for this section, yet.


So overall it looks like Zazzle is more popular with good artist, but can be a bit more pricey as well. Hopefully we hear from some carepress users soon as well.

Here are some great Zazzle stores to check out:*

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