Saturday, May 29, 2010

FireHow is site for "how to" type of articles. Firehow suggest that you try to write 400 to 600 words per article, but they understand that some articles are impossible to stretch. Like some baking "how tos" just do not need that many words to be clearly written. Firehow is newer company that was started in 2009. The owner is Paul McLalin. The site pays based upon Ad Revenues.

Firehow is easy to write for and you can publish any "How tos" that you can think of. There are just a few drawbacks. Firehow is a newer company, therefor you need to work really hard on promoting to get really good traffic. Not too hard after you sign up for all the site and use

With firehow being a newer company the website is not as advance as some of the other website. The newness of the website can also be a great advantage. There is a lots of room for growth and lots of articles as well. This is not a huge payer without a lot of work, but is a great place for writer to start out and start earning. Another large advantage to firehow is you can edit your article after it has been posted. A large help for catching spelling, grammar, and typo errors.

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