Friday, May 28, 2010


This is a real way to make money with twitter. All you have to do is copy ads and tweet them out to your followers. The real trick here is you have to have followers to tweet to. When the followers click on the revtweet, you earn money. Note you can not tell people to click on the tweets or click them yourself; this is click fraud and you could get banned.
For this to really be profitable you need to have a twitter account, which is free. Then you need to tweet (or post) short and interesting links to get followers. You can also quickly build up your followers by following other people.
As long as people are reading your tweets, they may click on one of your revtweets and you will make money. This is quick as it only takes a few seconds to do, depending on your followers it will take a while to reach the pay out. Payout happen upon request and must be a minimal amount of $20.00 which is payable to your paypal account.
This will not get you quick at all, but if you don't mind waiting.. it will slowly add up pennies. This is much more profitable.. if you tweet more then just ads. You'll have to tweet something interesting.. like this article...(I hope you are finding it interesting).

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