Friday, May 28, 2010


I bet almost everyone has heard of paypal. There are many people who are worried and scared that paypal is not safe. I have used paypal for many years and once had a break in problem. The break in was actually my fault. All of my online logins and passwords were the same. Someone got into one of my accounts and has access to everything else. Thankfully between the nice paypal and the bank, I didn't loose anything. I did waste some time and get a headache. I almost gave up on paypal, but needed paypal to continue my online life. I made some major changes and never had a problem since.

If you want to earn money online you will need a paypal account. Very few places online will send a check. Getting a check usually take twice as long and usually incurs some fees. With the these rules, listed below, you can safely use paypal and never worry about a break in. These rules are very simple and important. Paypal is a must of online workers.

Rules to keep safe with paypal.

#1 Use one email address as your login, but a different address to receive your emals from paypal. Many scams are done by people sending emails to your login address. Setting paypal to a private address will stop scams from really finding you. You safely know that all of the email going into your login email address are spam.. don't open them. Forward the email to  and then delete the email.

#2 Use a unique password that you don't use anywhere else. This may be hard at first, but it is the best way. Make up a password using random letters and numbers, have at least one capitalized. Write down the password in a safe spot. Do Not save the password to your computer. If you have a safe, lock the password away. It is best not to use real words as they are easier to crack.

#3 Never ever ever give your password to anyone. Even paypal doesn't need your password.. it is only for you. A web site only needs your paypal login to send money, not your password. Your password is only to be used for login into paypal.

#4 Never follow a link in an email to paypal. Some people set up sites to look like paypal, but they only get you if you follow their link and put in your login and password. If you follow rule number one, you'll see these email going to the login address, not the other address that paypal really send to.

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