Saturday, May 29, 2010

Online Freelancing

There is a nice long list of sites for writer to write online and make money. You do not have to be  a professional writer to make money online, but you do need to have good spelling and grammar. Don't fret if you have a hard time with spelling and grammar that is why we have created spell checkers. Especially if you have a problem with spelling and grammar you should write your articles or stories in a program like Microsoft Word or Open Office. Open Office has many similarities like Microsoft Word, but it  is a free program developed by college students to help other students. Having a good program to type into will help to catch some of the spelling and grammar errors.

The next best step is to save your work and wait at least one day to proof read the article. If you just wrote the article you may miss some common spelling and grammar problems that was not picked up by the spell checker. Some common words that are missed by spell check are words that are spelled correctly, but are the wrong word. Just like when people mix up there and their. Same words, different meaning. For those that would like to know the differences: "there" means a place like over there; "their" is personal or showing ownership like their bike or their book.

Sometimes writing is done away from home without or not as good of a spell and grammar checkers. It is best to paste your writing over to Word of Open Office before publish. This is just another good way to proof read and double check for spelling and grammar errors.

Every time you write you will learn more and get better at writing. Often readers will leave comments on your writing or send private emails to point out errors. Do not take offense to these being pointed out. The readers are trying to help you to learn and become a better writer.

You can find a nice list of where to write on this web site:
This site is full of real places to write online that I or a close friend have tried and made some money from. I will be talking more about individual sites in later posts including how well they pay. The list is a good place to start if you are looking to get into freelancing.

Online freelancing is great because you can write from almost anywhere and on anything you can think of. You can writer "How tos", poems, or even stories. There is a site for everyone. There is one problem with freelancing, you are not going to get rich quick or be able to quit your day job by the next week. Especially with sites that have ad revenue sharing, the money will start with pennies, then dollars, eventually like me, you'll enter the hundreds of dollars a month. This takes time to build a large library of your writing.

There are two main ways of getting paid. Ad Revenue or flat fees. Flat fee are nice because they give you the quickest way to money. Ad Revenue trickles in a little each month and continues as long as the page gets traffic. Many of my article have made over $100 for one article with Ad Revenue. So if you can wait the article may make more money with ad revenue. Some sites like Associated Content, do both upfront payment and ad revenue sharing. Often unless it is a large amount, I keep away from the just flat fees because I can make by waiting for the Ad Revenue. Ad Revenue is also nice because you start to get a paycheck every month. As your library of writing gets larger the monthly paychecks usually get larger as well.

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