Sunday, May 30, 2010

Real Money Proof

Ok, I promised that there is real money out on the internet that can be made. I bet you want to see some proof. Now I write on many sites like helium, firehow, associated content, and many more. One site is ehow, now ehow is not excepting any more writes but their parent company Demand Studio is. Demand Studio is now the publishing plat form for ehow. Well I have 192 articles on ehow and started just under a year ago writing for them. Pennies rolled in, then dollars, and now I'm still earning every month on those article. Well here is the proof and my earnings so far May 2010.

Article Stats
Articles Written: 192 (Updated: 5/29/2010)
Article Views: 114,052 (Updated: 5/29/2010)
Earnings in May $91.57 (Updated: 5/28/2010)

Now normally it is not a good idea to publicly show your earnings, but it is the only way to show that proof that you can really make money online. Like I've said before this is not a get rich quick or fast money, but if I continue to write it all adds up. For my earnings to be so high it did take a lot more then just writing the 192 article. It takes time for those article to get attention and hit their earning potential.

I did a lot more then just writing the articles as well. I worked very hard at promoting them as well.
I've used many social networking site like buzz up, twitter, myspace, facebook, and many many more. I used to have to publish to each one individually. Promoting has become much easier with a programed called has saved me countless of hours in promoting articles because I can now do just one post and posts the article to many sites. Leaving  just a few that I have to post to individually. There is a list of places to promote your article on here:

Besides social networking sites, another way to promote your writing is with pingomatic. Pingomatic will ping the search engines and make them aware of your article.

Another great way to promote articles is by answering  question related to your articles. For example, I see on yahoo answers that a writer is looking for places to put their content. I can tell them some of the sites off the top of my head and leave the link for one of my sites that has the list of many more sites. This is allowed because it fully answers their question and leads them to even more answers related to their question.  (note: check the rules before posting so you don't get banned. Do not spam. Only post when it really answers the question being asked.)

It does take a lot of countless hours to started, but after you are established you can slow down to a nice steady pace. As long as you keep writing you should keep making money online.

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